ASHR Awards

ASHR gives two student awards annually: the dissertation award and the outstanding student paper award. The student paper award is chosen from regular submissions to our conferences marked “Student.”

Call for Nominations – American Society for the History of Rhetoric 2017 Dissertation Award

ASHR Dissertation Award 2016

“Constituting the Cold War Commonplace: U.S. Presidential Public Address and the Inventional Possibilities of Speaking in Situ

Allison Prasch
University of Minnesota


ASHR Student Paper Award 2016

“The Political Use of the Part and the Whole in Lysias 12 Against Eratosthenes”

Adam Cody
Pennsylvania State University


Past Winners

Dissertation Award Recipients

2015 – Seth D. Long, University of Nebraska, Kearney
2014 – Allison Hailey Hahn, University of Pittsburgh
2013 – Jason Barrett-Fox, University of Kansas
2012 – Timothy Barney, University of Maryland
2011 – Carly Woods, University of Pittsburgh
2010 – Lisa Zimmerelli, University of Maryland
2009 – Kathleen Lamp, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
2008 – L. Jill Lamberton, University of Michigan
2007 – Vessela Valiavitcharska, University of Texas-Austin
2006 – Paul Turpin, Annenberg School of Communication, USC
2005 – Kristine S. Bruss, University of Minnesota
2004 – Shevaun A. Watson, Miami University of Ohio
2003 – Cynthia King, University of Maryland
2002 – Daniel Emery, University of Iowa
2001 – David Hoffman, University of Iowa
2000 – Robert Sullivan, University of Maryland
1999 – Ekaterina Haskins, University of Iowa
1998 – Sara Newman, University of Minnesota
1997 – Mari Lee Mifsud, Penn State University
1995 – Gary Selby, University of Maryland

Outstanding Student Paper Awards

2015 – Jessica A. Kurr, Pennsylvania State University
2014 – Justine Wells, University of South Carolina
2013 – Liz Miller, University of Kansas
John Jasso, University of Pittsburgh
2012 – Ian Hill, University of Illinois
2011 – John Minbiole, Penn State University
2010 – Brandon Inabinet, Northwestern University
2009 – Matthew May, University of Minnesota
2007 – Benjamin Crosby, University of Washington
2006 – Michelle Gibbons, University of Pittsburgh
David Tell, Penn State University
2005 – Randall E. Iden, Northwestern University
2004 – Noriaki Tajima, University of Alabama
Kristine S. Bruss, University of Minnesota
2003 – Ned O’ Gorman, Penn State University
2002 – Laura Card, University of Utah
2001 – Beth Manolescu, University of Illinois
2000 – Ekaterina Haskins, University of Iowa
1999 – Mari Lee Mifsud, Penn State University