Contents of the Most Recent Issue of
Advances in the History of Rhetoric

Advances Title

Volume 20, Issue 1, 2017

“The Enthymizing of Lysias”
James Fredal
Pages: 1–27

“Performing Prudence: Barack Obama’s Defense of NSA Surveillance Programs”
Svilen Veselinov Trifonov
Pages: 28–46

“Democracy and Government: A Critical Edition of Jeannette Rankin’s 1917 Address at Carnegie Hall”
Tiffany Lewis
Pages: 47–56

“Jeannette Rankin, ‘Democracy and Government,’ Carnegie Hall, New York, 2 March 1917”
Edited by Tiffany Lewis
Pages: 57–74

“‘Government Is an Instrument in Their Hands’: Jeanette Rankin on Progressive Technologies of Democracy”
Cindy Koenig Richards & Paul McKean
Pages: 75–85

“Jeannette Rankin’s Democratic Errand to Washington”
Paul Stob
Pages: 86–98

“State of the Scholarship in Classics on Ancient Roman Rhetoric”
Michele Kennerly & Kathleen S. Lamp
Pages: 100–112


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