Past Symposia & RSA Institutes

2016 ASHR Symposium: Rhetoric in Situ, May 26–27, 2016. Hilton Downtown, Atlanta (Click here for program)

2014 ASHR Symposium: Rhetoric and Freedom, May 22–23, 2014. Marriott Rivercenter, San Antonio (Click here for program)

2012 ASHR Symposium: Rhetoric and Its Masses. May 24–25, 2012. Loews Hotel, Philadelphia (Click here for program)

2011 ASHR Workshop: Mass Communication in Rhetorical History. June 24–26, 2011 (Click here for program)

2010 ASHR Symposium: Rhetorics of Reason and Restraint: Stoic Speech from Antiquity to the Present. May 27–28, Minneapolis, MN (Click here for program)

2009 ASHR Workshop: History Matters: Materials and Methods for Scholarship in the History of Rhetoric, RSA Institute, Penn State (Click here for program)

2008 ASHR Symposium: Thinking through Rhetoric: A Symposium on Rhetoric, Cognition, and Culture, November 20, San Diego (Click here for program)

2007 ASHR Symposium: Rhetoric and Revolution, November 14, Palmer House Hilton, Chicago (Click here for program)

2006 ASHR Symposium: Translation, Tradition, and Transaction: Language, the Foreign, and the History of Rhetoric, November 15, Hilton Palacio del Rio, San Antonio (Click here for program)

2005 ASHR Symposium: Performance in the History of Rhetoric: Display, Spectacle, Persuasion, and Power, November 16, Emerson College, Boston (Click here for program)

2004 ASHR Symposium: Rhetoric and its Institutions, November 10, Chicago (Click here for program)

2003 ASHR Symposium: Rhetoric and Aesthetics: From the Polis to Postmodernism, Miami Beach (Click here for program)

2002 ASHR Symposium: Rhetoric and Culture, November 20, New Orleans (Click here for program)

2001 ASHR Symposium: Rhetoric and Style, October 31, Emory University, Atlanta (Click here for program)

2000 ASHR Symposium: Rhetoric and Emotion, November 8, University of Washington, Seattle (Click here for program)

1997 ASHR Symposium: The Centrality of Rhetoric, November 19, Chicago (Click here for program)

1995 ASHR Symposium: Historiography & Rhetoric in Aristophanes, San Antonio

1991 ASHR Symposium: Rosenmeyer’s “Apate” in Gorgias and Aeschylus, A Celebration of Henry Johnstone

1990 ASHR Symposium: The Principle of Kairos in the History of Rhetoric, October 31 – November 1. Chicago, IL (Click here for program)

1987 ASHR Symposium: “Ars componendi, ars persuadendi,” November 4–5, Emerson College, Boston

1986 ASHR Symposium: “Tradition and Innovation in the History of Rhetoric,” November 12–13, Chicago