Contents of the Most Recent Issue of
Advances in the History of Rhetoric

Advances Title

Volume 20, Issue 2, 2017

Introduction: Rhetoric In Situ
Kathleen S. Lamp
Pages: 118–120

“Remembering Emmett Till: Reflections on Geography, Race, and Memory”
Dave Tell
Pages: 121–138

“Confederate Memory in Post-Confederate Atlanta—a Prolegomena”
Christopher Lee Adamczyk
Pages: 139–152

“Loss and Lived Memory at the Moore’s Ford Lynching Reenactment”
Megan Eatman
Pages: 153–166

“Doing Rhetorical Studies In Situ: The Nomad Citizen in Jordan”
Heather Ashley Hayes
Pages: 167–179

“Reading Augustan Rome: Materiality as Rhetoric In Situ”
Diane Favro
Pages: 180–195

“Socrates Ex Situ”
Michele Kennerly
Pages: 196–208

“Early Christian Rhetoric(s) In Situ”
Cory Geraths
Pages: 209–220


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