Contents of the Most Recent Issue of
Advances in the History of Rhetoric

Volume 21, Issue 1, 2019

“The Fourth Master Trope, Antithesis”
Randy Allen Harris
Pages: 1-26

“Isocrates’ Panphilosophicus: Reading the Panathenaicus as a Rapprochement with Academic Philosophy”
John J. Jasso
Pages: 27-50

“Foiling Kamesian Belletristic Theory in Mid-Eighteenth-Century Scotland
Beth Innocenti”
Pages: 51-72

“Rhetorical Silence and Republican Virtue in Early-American Public Discourse: The Case of James Madison’s ‘Notes on the Federal Convention'”
Bjørn F. Stillion Southard
Pages: 73-91

“Dialoging with Bigger Thomas: A Reception History of Richard Wright’s Native Son
Bryan J. McCann
Pages: 92-114

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