Contents of the Most Recent Issue of
Advances in the History of Rhetoric

Volume 20, Issue 3, 2017

Enargeia, Persuasion, and the Vividness Effect in Athenian Forensic Oratory”
Peter A. O’Connell
Pages: 225–251

“Aristotle’s Rhetorical Energeia: An Extended Note”
Monica Westin
Pages: 252–261

“Legal Rhetoric and the Ambiguous Shape of the King’s Two Bodies in Calvin’s Case (1608)”
Margaret Franz
Pages: 262–284

“Rhetorical Accretion and Rhetorical Criticism in William Hazlitt’s Eloquence of the British Senate
Katie Homar
Pages: 285–301

“The Rhetorical Education of William Jennings Bryan: Isocrates, Character, and Imitation”
Christopher J. Oldenburg & Adam E. Enz
Pages: 302–319

Book Review Forum: Ned O’Gorman’s The Iconoclastic Imagination
Contributions by Nathan Atkinson, Timothy Barney, Rosa A. Eberly, Ned O’Gorman
Pages: 320–333


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