Kassie LampOver the past six years I have served ASHR as an at-large member, membership coordinator, and vice president.  In that time, I have watched ASHR’s membership steadily grow under the leadership of past presidents Ned O’Gorman, Dave Tell, and Susan Jarratt.  Their dedication to keeping membership rates low while providing affordable, high-quality programming through the ASHR Symposium, panels at NCA, and RSA Summer Institutes is a testament to their vision for the organization.

The society’s journal, Advances in the History of Rhetoric, now edited by Arthur Walzer and published by Taylor and Francis/Routledge, has also continued to reach a larger readership and receive more submissions than ever before. It is an honor to step into the ASHR presidency and continue the work of those who came before me.

I recently planned the 2016 ASHR Symposium: Rhetoric in situ.  The program featured keynote lectures from top scholars in Communication (Dave Tell), English (Richard Leo Enos), and Landscape Architecture (Diane Favro) as well as research from scholars in all phases of their careers on many periods in the history of rhetoric—5th century Athens through the contemporary American cityscape.  Take a second to browse the final program.  Thanks to the hard work of our Steering Committee and sponsors, the Symposium was free for ASHR members.

Kathleen S. Lamp, Department of English, Arizona State University

Upcoming Events

ASHR at NCA 2017

NCA’s 103rd Annual Convention, “Our Legacy, Our Relevance,” November 16-19, 2017 in Dallas, Texas.

The American Society for the History of Rhetoric (ASHR) invites submissions in the form of individual papers, paper sessions, and panel discussions for the 103rd NCA Annual Convention in Dallas, Texas.

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2018 ASHR Symposium

The American Society for the History of Rhetoric (ASHR) invites papers to be considered for our 2018 Symposium on “Diversity and Rhetorical Traditions.” The Symposium will be held on May 31-June 1, 2018 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, immediately prior to the Rhetoric Society of America Biennial Conference.

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