Past Symposia & RSA Institutes

ASHR symposia date back to 1986, when scholars discussed “Tradition and Innovation in the History of Rhetoric.”  Since then topics have included “The Principle of Kairos in the History of Rhetoric,” “Rhetoric and Emotion,” “Rhetoric and Style,” “Rhetoric and Aesthetics,” “Performance in the History of Rhetoric,” “Rhetoric and Revolution,” and “Rhetoric and Its Masses.” Below is a full list of ASHR Symposia and Workshops at RSA Institutes.

2018 ASHR Symposium: Diversity & Rhetorical Traditions, May 31–June 1, 2018. Hilton Minneapolis, Minnesota

2016 ASHR Symposium: Rhetoric in Situ, May 26–27, 2016. Hilton Downtown, Atlanta

2014 ASHR Symposium: Rhetoric and Freedom, May 22–23, 2014. Marriott Rivercenter, San Antonio (Click here for program)

2012 ASHR Symposium: Rhetoric and Its Masses. May 24–25, 2012. Loews Hotel, Philadelphia (Click here for program)

2011 ASHR Workshop: Mass Communication in Rhetorical History. June 24–26, 2011 (Click here for program)

2010 ASHR Symposium: Rhetorics of Reason and Restraint: Stoic Speech from Antiquity to the Present. May 27–28, Minneapolis, MN (Click here for program)

2009 ASHR Workshop: History Matters: Materials and Methods for Scholarship in the History of Rhetoric, RSA Institute, Penn State (Click here for program)

2008 ASHR Symposium: Thinking through Rhetoric: A Symposium on Rhetoric, Cognition, and Culture, November 20, San Diego (Click here for program)

2007 ASHR Symposium: Rhetoric and Revolution, November 14, Palmer House Hilton, Chicago (Click here for program)

2006 ASHR Symposium: Translation, Tradition, and Transaction: Language, the Foreign, and the History of Rhetoric, November 15, Hilton Palacio del Rio, San Antonio (Click here for program)

2005 ASHR Symposium: Performance in the History of Rhetoric: Display, Spectacle, Persuasion, and Power, November 16, Emerson College, Boston (Click here for program)

2004 ASHR Symposium: Rhetoric and its Institutions, November 10, Chicago (Click here for program)

2003 ASHR Symposium: Rhetoric and Aesthetics: From the Polis to Postmodernism, Miami Beach (Click here for program)

2002 ASHR Symposium: Rhetoric and Culture, November 20, New Orleans (Click here for program)

2001 ASHR Symposium: Rhetoric and Style, October 31, Emory University, Atlanta (Click here for program)

2000 ASHR Symposium: Rhetoric and Emotion, November 8, University of Washington, Seattle (Click here for program)

1997 ASHR Symposium: The Centrality of Rhetoric, November 19, Chicago (Click here for program)

1995 ASHR Symposium: Historiography & Rhetoric in Aristophanes, San Antonio

1991 ASHR Symposium: Rosenmeyer’s “Apate” in Gorgias and Aeschylus, A Celebration of Henry Johnstone

1990 ASHR Symposium: The Principle of Kairos in the History of Rhetoric, October 31 – November 1. Chicago, IL (Click here for program)

1987 ASHR Symposium: “Ars componendi, ars persuadendi,” November 4–5, Emerson College, Boston

1986 ASHR Symposium: “Tradition and Innovation in the History of Rhetoric,” November 12–13, Chicago