Book Reviews in Advances in the History of Rhetoric

Advances in the History of Rhetoric (AHR) welcomes book reviews on all fields of rhetoric, but especially reviews of books specifically on the history of rhetoric or that have a historical dimension. Books in related fields that have a bearing on the history of rhetoric are also welcome. Reviews may undertake to discuss more than one book if the books are recent and relevant. Authors wishing to write book reviews should propose books for review to the book review editor, Heather Ashley Hayes.


While some summary of the book is always necessary, reviews should not merely summarize the book. The best reviews place the book in the context of other related works and use summary to illustrate claims made. How does this book add to our knowledge of the field? How does the book build on existing knowledge? What does it add? What position does the author take with regard to scholarly controversies? Reviews should also state for whom the book is appropriate. Specialists only? Students? Evaluation is also welcome: does the author show command of existing work? Is the writing style clear?


Reviews should be no more than 1500 words; shorter reviews are welcome. Reviews of more than one book may be longer, though should not exceed 2500 words.


First Line: Author’s Name. Book Title [italicized]. Place of publication: Press. Date. Number of pages.

Body of Review

Typescript should be double spaced, with margins justified left; 12 point font. First paragraph is not indented; subsequent paragraphs indented five spaces.


Avoid footnotes or endnotes. Use parenthetical documentation. Include a “Sources Cited List” only if absolutely necessary. Follow AHR style guidelines for bibliographic entries.


Submit reviews to the book review editor ( by email attachment. The review should be in .doc format.

Any questions about format of reviews can be directed to book review editor, Heather Ashley Hayes (