Benefits of Membership

ASHR Symposium

ASHR has sponsored an annual symposium since 1986. Symposium keynote speakers typically combine leading members of the organization as well as other well-regarded scholars with connecting interests to the symposium theme.

Symposia bring together graduate students alongside senior scholars to ensure the vitality of the study of the history of rhetoric for years to come.

The smaller, plenary conference format of our annual symposium, in contrast to the large conferences we attend, provides an opportunity for rich intellectual stimulation and discussion among committed historians.

Leadership in Historical Studies of Rhetoric

ASHR has established affiliate status with leading scholarly associations in Communication and Composition. In the past years, an increasing emphasis has been put on the linkage with Rhetoric Society of America (RSA), including workshops and seminars during summer institutes as well themed panels in the convention.

The Symposium discussed above is held on the day-and-a-half leading up to RSA’s Biennial Convention, making access easy for many of our members who affiliate with both organizations.

An Intimate Community

ASHR is the core of historical study of rhetoric in the United States, and we are proud to be that.

At the same time, we recognize that our community is small: a network of scholars from classics, cultural studies, English, history, linguistics, modern languages, philosophy, and speech communication. That intimacy is also our strength. We create special opportunities for networking and professional development, for mentorship and disciplinary leadership.

The Journal

Perhaps the most important benefit of membership is the journal, Journal for the History of Rhetoric (formerly Advances in the History of Rhetoric). Under Richard Enos, Robert Gaines, Ekaterina Haskins, Arthur Walzer, and now Ned O’Gorman, the journal is distinguished both by the excellence of its contributors and by the range of genres it publishes: innovative research in the history of rhetoric, translations of historical texts, and scholarly dialogue in the Collocutio section, as well as interdisciplinary work in rhetorical criticism, theory, and pedagogy.

The journal is published twice a year by electronic subscription, and the print form of these two editions is published annually.

Journal for the History of Rhetoric carries the best work in the historical study of rhetoric into hundreds of libraries internationally.

The journal, in both convenient electronic form and elegant print form, is a free benefit of membership.

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