Meet the New Editor of Advances in the History of Rhetoric—Ned O’Gorman

The American Society for the History of Rhetoric is excited to announce Ned O’Gorman as the editor-elect for our journal, Advances in the History of Rhetoric. Ned is a professor of communication at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, and has published widely on topics at the intersections of the history of rhetoric, media studies, and political thought. Ned has also served admirable as a former president of ASHR. He will surely continue the great work that Arthur Walzer and the other past editors have done.

Asked about his editorship, Ned conveyed the following: “I am thrilled to have been appointed by the American Society for the History of Rhetoric to the editorship of Advances in the History of Rhetoric. It is a great honor to follow in the footsteps of a fine line of editors of the journal, and I hope to do them, and the Society, right by pushing Advances in new directions. First and foremost, I want to make Advances the go-to journal for publishing in the history of rhetoric. A name change, which I hope to shepherd, will be critical to this effort, as well as assembling an editorial board that matches in interdisciplinary scope and quality the scope of and quality of history of rhetoric scholarship in the United States and beyond. Of course, the quality of the journal ultimately depends on the quality of its scholarship and circulation, so I encourage the members of ASHR to submit work and ask you to ask your university library to subscribe to Advances, if they do not already.”

We look forward to Advances continuing its development as one of the most prominent publishing outlets for those working in the history of rhetoric.